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Are OPP bags used in our lives

Jul 27, 2018

Are OPP bags used in our lives?

Nowadays, many bags can be used in all industries, and many products are packed in bags. Then someone asks, is OPP plastic bags commonly used in our lives? Can the packaged products be beautified with OPP plastic bags?

  OPP plastic bags belong to plastic products, that is, plastic packaging bags, and we often see a wide variety of types of packaging bags in our lives. In these plastic bags, there must be plastic bags with OPP material. In fact, OPP plastic bags are more commonly used bags, packaging things are also very wide, such as making stationery packaging, food bread packaging, printing paper packaging, etc., our common folder packaging bags are made with OPP plastic bags. OPP plastic bags can be made in many different styles, such as self-adhesive bags, flat pockets, card pockets, ziplock bags, zipper bags, etc.; the head pocket can also be hit with hook holes, aircraft holes, round holes, semi-circles, etc. There are other irregular holes that can also be used to open the mold.

  General knowledge of packaging plastic bags: When purchasing plastic bags, you need to have the specified size, thickness, and what kind of plastic bags to use, and make thick bags and other parameters. Plastic bags are generally quoted according to size and thickness. Whether it is OPP plastic bags or other plastic bags, we must find out the parameters of the bags when buying plastic bags, the quantity required, and the place where the goods are shipped, so that our customer service can report accurate prices. It is much more complicated for printing plastic bags. First, determine whether to print on copper or offset, the color number and several colors of printing, the one-sided or two-sided printing, the size of the printed pattern, and the size of the bag. So what is quoted is more complicated. But the printed bag packaging products are very beautiful, otherwise no one will be so expensive! The products are beautiful, the attracting customers will increase, the sales rate will be greatly improved, the product exposure will be improved, and finally the products will be used to retain customers.

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