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Basic knowledge of various materials of plastic bags

Dec 20, 2018

Basic knowledge of various materials of plastic bags

PE plastic bag looks not very transparent, has a turbid feeling, and has good toughness. Many hand bag materials are made of PE material. Many products are made of PE plastic bags, and the specifications are very large. The plastic bag for industrial use, so the PE plastic bag is still widely used. The thinnest blown film thickness of PE plastic bag can be 1C, and even a little thinner. Many outer packagings of bottled water belong to that category. .

The PVC plastic bag is soft in texture and generally has a thickness thicker than that of a general blown film plastic bag.

The production of PVC plastic bags has many manual ingredients. At present, it has not been able to form an automated production line, unlike the output of other yuan-line bags, so the price still has a certain profit margin. PVC plastic bags are not environmentally friendly materials, so some industries have certain limits.

OPP plastic bag has a crisp texture and high transparency. If there is no gap, it is difficult to tear open, but there is a gap that can be torn without any force. The processing technology is made by hot-sealing machine. If the edge of the seal is cut, When the machine is not adjusted, or when there is a problem with the raw materials, it is easy to explode. However, if the items are not specially required, there is usually no problem. The side of the seal has two forms, one is the line seal. The other is the explosion-proof edge sealing. In fact, the two methods are the same when they are made, but it is the reason of the positive knife and the reverse knife. The process of the OPP plastic bag is generally to cut the appropriate specifications first, then Print it and do it. If it is not printed, fold it directly. Add adhesive and white pearl film according to the order. Then put it for a while, you can cut it directly, then punch according to customer's requirements, then pack it out. goods. The scope of OPP plastic bags, such as greeting cards, jewelry, leather goods, clothing, etc., can often see the traces of OPP plastic bags.

PP plastic bags are relatively transparent in the blown film plastic bags. Generally used in the outer packaging of the product.

PO plastic bag, good tensile force, high hardness, slightly lower transparency than other plastic bags, due to good pulling force, widely used in shopping malls, hotel industry. Most of the vest bags are made of PO material.

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