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Closure design of packaging bag

Oct 02, 2017

closure design of packaging bag.jpg

There are many closure designs for packaging bags, depending on the style of the bag you have made.


The most common form is zip lock and zipper.Zip lock has two types,with slider or without slider.Packaging bag with slider is very convenient.It only takes a few seconds to seal the bag.On the contrary,packaging bags without slider will take some time to seal the bag.Although it would be a waste of time,it has the same waterproof performance as those zip lock with slider.The zipper bag is also quite convenient to use.But its cost will be higher than zip lock and its waterproof performance is certainly worse than zip lock.You can according to your own needs to customize the closure design.


Self Seal Mini Plastic Ziplock Poly Bags For Underwear 4.jpg  Custom logo printed Semi-transparent PVC pouch packaging bags with loop handle for underwear 6.jpg

Cheaper PVC poly ziplock pouch bags with hanger hole for man 2.jpg  OEM Clear PVC ziplock Waterproof bag for phone 3.jpg


In addition,snap,Velcro,pull rope and self sealing adhesive are the ways of closure.Snap is very common as the zip lock.Most of our products have also taken such design,a plastic snap or two plastic snap.It is easy for customers to take out and put into the product from the bag and it wont be broken easily.The other closure design is rare.Self sealing adhesive is cheaper,but it is one-off.Pull rope,compared to Velcro,will be a bit more practical.


Custom durable PVC ziplock bags with hanger hook and button closure for packaging 4.jpg


OEM Clear PVC ziplock Waterproof bag for phone 4.jpg




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