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Closure design of storage box

Sep 21, 2017

closure design of storage box.jpg

As to the case with lid,we have already mentioned the design form of lid in the last knowledge about storage boxes.And we all know that the design of the cover is generally divided into inlay cover and no inlay cover.The inlay lid does not need to be fixed with other elements,but the not inlay lid need to be fixed.Besides,in order to prevent the storage is soiled when the box knocked down and the lid flew out,people will also design the box’s cover with button and the other closure ways.So what about the closure of the storage boxes?


First of all,the Velcro closed way,convenient and affordable.

storage bin  with cover.jpg   storage box with velcro.jpg

Secondly,the zipper closure.

storage box with zipper.jpg   storage bin with zipper.jpg

Thirdly,buckle design.The box with such design that you won’t worry about your storage dumped out.

storage box with buckle.jpg

Fourthly,designed with a button closure.That will be the best good-looking.

storage box with button closure.jpg   button closure.jpg

Lastly,it can also be customized with snap,as the same as the jewelry box design.

storage box with snap.jpg

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