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Handle design of cosmetic bag

Sep 12, 2017

handle design of cosmetic bag.jpg

When you need to custom a cosmetic bag,the design of the handle must also be involved. Then,how to customize the handle of your makeup bag?What are the design styles of handle?If you don’t have idea now,through learning today’s article,perhaps you will have ideas for it. 

 Generally speaking,customize a bag with handle,the price will be higher than the price of the bag without handle.But it is portable and will give a better use experience to consumers.So some buyers will custom their bags with handle.In order to reduce cost,they will design a loop on the slider.The material of the loop can be leather,cord or fabric.Not only can showcase your brand logo on it,but also can be used as a handle.Besides,the manual process is simplified so that the cost of unit price can be reduced by $0.01 to $0.02.

cosmetic bag with handle loop.jpg

You can also custom the handle on top or on the side,long or short.It is usually sewn to the bag.This is the most affordable way to fix it.

cosmetic bag with handle on side.jpg    cosmetic bag with long handle.jpg

cosmetic bag with handle.jpg    cosmetic bag with handle on top (2).jpg

Some buyers want to get a high quality products,they will ask for a special way to reinforce handle,such as fixed with metal button.

cosmetic bag with handle on top.jpg    handle design of makeup bag.jpg

Except for the leather handle and the fabric handle introduce above,metal handle design is the same convenient and practical.

metal handle.jpg

There are other special designs.However,ordinary buyer will not use such design for that will increase the cost of the bag. 

specialdesign of handle.jpg

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