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Handle design of packaging bag

Sep 14, 2017

Handle design of  packaging bag.jpg

In order to better hanging the packaging bag,the bag will always designed with hanger or hanger hole.But some buyers take into account the convenience of carrying bags,they will custom the plastic bag with handle replacing hanger or hanger hole.The packaging with handle design,not only it become easier for carrying,you can hang it on everywhere unlimited.Handle design for PVC bag or EVA bag is more convenient than the hanger or hanger hole design because of the limit of the size of the hanger and the hanger hole.Then,what about the design of the handle of the packaging bag?


It can be  mainly  divided into plastic handle and fabric handle.

The first is the design of the plastic handle.

You can custom the bag with a loop handle,as the picture shown below.

It can be a fixed,or designed to be removable.

Custom Milky white zipper plastic PVC pouch bags with loop and small hanger on side for underwear 2.jpg   Eco-friendly EVA packaging bag for women swimwear  3.jpg


Handle hole on top.

Reclosable Clear Vinyl Plastic Die Cut Bags With Handle 4.jpg   PVC Die Cut Colored Plastic Make up Pouch Bag 2.jpg


There is also a handle design that the handle is connected to the bag by heat seal.

zipper of clear PVC makeup organizer.jpg


Besides,what about the design of the fabric handle of the plastic bag?

First of all,the fabric handle can be sewn on the bag.

long fabric handle packaging bag.jpg

Secondly,wear a hole in the bag,fixed with grommet,and then put on the rope on it.

Printed Clear Transparent Plastic Poly Bags Gift Bags 2.jpg

Thirdly,the bag's edge can be wrapped by fabric.The fabric on the edge of the corner can be extended. 

Promotional Travel Clear Pouch Packaging Bag With Zipper 3.jpg

Lastly,the part of  the packaging bag can be made of fabric.


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