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PE and CPE transparent, frosted packaging bag packaging effect

Dec 13, 2018

PE and CPE transparent, frosted packaging bag packaging effect

People rely on clothing, clothes and packaging, when an ordinary clothes, after a beautiful PE, CPE packaging bag, it immediately looks a lot of high-grade, plastic bags make the clothes have a three-dimensional sense, but also highlight the elegance of the clothes, from the other On the one hand, it sets off the gorgeous appearance of the clothes.

Moreover, PE and CPE bags not only have the effect of packaging, they have a strong protective effect. A piece of clothing produced from the factory must be circulated in order to be available to consumers. In the process, the product has to go through Transportation, packaging, etc., is likely to be damaged, but after packaging in PE and CPE bags, the appearance of the product can be guaranteed and the safety of the product is guaranteed.

In some cold areas, if the temperature is too low, it will feel the clothes become hard, it will be uncomfortable to try on, and PE and CPE will have the effect of preventing cold. He will make the product not deform and will not crack in the cold. Guarantee the quality of the product. Finally, PE and CPE bags are basically translucent, transparent and frosted, which allows consumers to see the shape of the internal loan, which can promote the effect of the product and greatly reflect the quality of the product.

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