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storage box

Jun 30, 2017

A box is a container consisting of a lid, a bottom or a container, such as a drawer, a food, a medicine or a cosmetic appliance. According to the use of points, there are food boxes, boxes, boxes, boxes, boxes, boxes, oil boxes, Dai box, boxes, stationery, boxes and so on. Its shape has round, rectangular, octagonal, melon-shaped, pomegranate, peach, double bird, square wins, silver ingot, flower-style, hollow, angle, chrysanthemum-style, cylinder and so on. As well as in the box box small box "mother box" and multi-section package "box" and so on. After the Tang Dynasty widely burned around. To the Song Dynasty Jingdezhen kiln firing green white glaze box the largest production, the bottom of the box printed with a box of records marked the workshop.

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