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The difference between voltage bag and sewing bag in packaging bag factory

Jul 24, 2017

Plastic bags on the market are basically made in the form of voltage or sewing. These two different ways of making plastic bags are different in use. How should we distinguish them?


Generally,plastic material that can be used both for voltage and sewing is PVC.In a packaging bag factory,most of the machines are based on high frequency voltage.Different from the sewing,in some garment factories can also use sewing to make these sewing.Workers process the PVC packaging bag with high frequency voltage that changes PVC’s molecular structure at the bond and make the PVC material bind closely.As long as you don’t pull it vigorously,it won’t be broken in normal circumstance.According to the PVC material in different thickness,maximum capacity can reach 5kg.However,because of the limitations of the machine,the size of the packaging bags should not exceed the maximum length,width and height of the machine.The sewing packaging bags are different.Because the bag is sewn from one side to the other side,it can be produced in different size.It can be used in many cases.Due to the differences in the way they are made,the production efficiency of making voltage bag is higher.Therefore,in most cases,the voltage bags are more popular with buyers.


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