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The role of clothing bags and CPE organ bags in life

Jul 20, 2018

The role of clothing bags and CPE organ bags in life

What is an organ bag? How is the organ bag made? What kind of product is the organ bag used for? What are the benefits of the organ bag? I believe that everyone will have these questions, many materials can be made into organ bag, OPP\CPE\PE\PP\PPE, etc., then let's talk about the specific role of CPE matte organ bag.

   What is a CPE organ bag: The CPE organ bag is formed by folding the bottom or side edges of an ordinary CPE flat pocket into the inner surface of the bag, and is divided into various shapes, an accordion and a side organ. In this way, the bag is folded into a rectangular shape with an oval opening, because after folding, the sides of the bag are like the tuyere leaves, which are side-sealed. The bottom seal is to fold the bottom into the bottom. After the opening, the bottom is square, which can stand and be three-dimensional. This kind of bag is generally flat and unsealed, but if you want to self-adhesively seal it, you can only make a CPE bottom organ bag, which is called an organ bag.

   What are the benefits of CPE organ bags: the packaging is very beautiful, the flat pockets are suitable for packaging flat objects, and clothing and the like, while the organ bag is suitable for packaging bread, dessert, bottled beverage yogurt and so on. The packaged products are more versatile and more acceptable to consumers. The organ bag is three-dimensional, and the packaged product is in a standing state. The package has a three-dimensional product, which can better display the product and reduce the space wasted by the use of the flat pocket of the three-dimensional product. The three-dimensional CPE organ bag completely avoids these problems. He can also print logo patterns. Although the printed graphic content is not exclusive to the organ bag, it can also be printed. The effect is the same as that of ordinary plastic bags. The bag with delicate patterns is more attractive to customers.

   The organ bag is used to install what kind of product: the appearance of the type, regardless of the packaging of the product can reflect the high-grade products, generally used in clothing packaging, food packaging, jewelry packaging, beverage packaging, daily necessities packaging, etc. A commonly used plastic bag.

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