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Types design of puller

Sep 07, 2017

types design of puller.jpg

As a purchasing agent,it is important to have a keen eye for the tide.Not only in the style design of the cosmetic bag,but also on the basic composition of the makeup bag.So in a design of a makeup bag,to have a sense of fashion,simple or practical, the style design and the puller design are also very important.Let’s take a look at what are the design types of the puller.


First of all,the ordinary one,zinc alloy puller.This puller is the most common,but also the most affordable.We can see it used on everywhere,for clothes,school bag,cosmetic bag,garment bag,storage bag and so on. You can also custom your logo on it.

zinc alloy puller 2.jpg  zinc alloy  puller 1.jpg

The second one is zipper pull cord.It can be used as a loop and it is easy for sliding.You can design it into various shapes.

 cord puller 1.jpg  cord puller 2.jpg

The third one is leather puller,simple and fashionable,reflecting a more exquisite life.

leather puller 1.jpg  leather puller 2.jpg


The last one is the plastic zipper.It also can be made into any shape.

plastic puller 1.jpg  plastic puller 2.jpg


Through the above study,do you have any ideas about your bag’s puller?

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