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What are the Different Types of Storage Boxes

Aug 24, 2017

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There are different types, shapes, and sizes of storage boxes available to accommodate nearly all of your needs. From inexpensive cardboard storage boxes to plastic boxes with lids or upholstered pieces, you can find storage boxes for nearly any area of your home, garage, or office.


Need to store things under furniture? Under-bed storage boxes are the perfect size to slide beneath beds, sofas, and dressers. They are shallow, but long and fairly wide. They come in cardboard versions that require assembly.

underbed folding box.jpg


Need storage boxes that are a bit deeper? Try a deep rectangular storage box with either a hinged lid or a detached lid. There are also extra large bins that come in handy for storing seasonal clothing, sports gear, and items that need to be stored in the garage or utility shed such as gardening tools. If you sew or do crafts, you might be interested in the many specially designed craft storage boxes that are sectioned to keep your sewing or crafting items organized.

storage-box-with-hinged-lid.jpg storage box with detached lid.jpg

kids storage box.jpg large storage bin.jpg

There are shoebox size storage boxes that are perfect for storing dress shoes and handbags to keep them free from dust.

shoes fabric storage boxes.jpg

Organizing your home, garage, or office is easy when you have plenty of great storage boxes for every space.

different types storage box.jpg

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