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What are the uses of PE plastic bags?

Aug 02, 2018

What are the uses of PE plastic bags?

 PE plastic bags are in a leading position in the current society, and many aspects are good. PE and PP are the English abbreviation of raw materials. The chemical name of PE is linear polyethylene, which is divided into two types. One is high-density linear polyethylene, which we usually call PO------HDPE, and the other is low-density linear polyethylene, which is what we usually call PE----LDPE. So when you don't change your name, you don't know. What kind of use does he have in our lives? Actually, I don’t need to say it. Everyone knows something about it. Most of them are used in clothing, food industry, stationery industry, cosmetics industry, paper industry and other fields. It is everywhere.

    PE plastic bags look more transparent, not high-transparent, but you can still see the products inside, feel good, feels very smooth, very good toughness, so it is also used in gift packaging, as well as finished clothing for sale. The new clothes we buy are packed in plastic bags and the ones with a double-sided adhesive seal are usually PE plastic bags. Because of his good transparency, the packaged products look very high. Regardless of the level, PE plastic bags are very good, because he is environmentally friendly, easy to use, durable, resistant to dirt, etc., the use is also very good, the design as a whole is innovative, the packaging products are also beautiful, but also Applied in all major industries, it is true that OPP plastic bags can be quite beautiful as packaging and printing, and the available style designs are also diverse. It is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic with high impact resistance, strong mechanical properties, resistance to various organic solvents and acid-base corrosion. It is widely used in many fields and is a common polymer in life. One of the materials, and the softness of the touch is better. When he is a single piece from the Iwata automatic spray gun wa 101 flat pocket, it only needs to be folded on the back side and has a self-adhesive seal on the open tongue. After the uv lamp product is torn off the protective skin on the surface of the seal, the tongue can be folded and folded, and it is easy to use and elegant. It is widely used in clothing, food, printing, stationery, cosmetics, paper and other industries.

  Our PE plastic bags are used in many places, and can also be made into zipper bags. The thickness can be customized. We have professional blown film technology and bag making technology, no matter how thick or thin. Of course, zipper bags also need to be beautified, and can print a variety of color logos. Therefore, PE plastic bags have been widely used, and printing is carried out in most PE plastic bags. There is a slight deviation in the printing process, which is ugly and wastes a lot of raw materials, so the printing technology needs to be improved. Because some customers are more strict, the color is a little biased, the word is a bit biased, and more minor issues such as printing are not required. We need to return it to us so that we can only deal with the waste, so it is not imagined. It's so simple. Before the printing, the version will be opened. One version can be used for a long time. As long as the copper plate of the size is opened, it is much more convenient to place the order later. In order to achieve the trust of our customers, we require that every bag printed must be inspected and absolutely perfect for each bag. The cost of our bags is very low, but the customer's products have to sell a lot of money, so the beauty of the outer packaging is very important. The PE plastic bags produced by Fuxinhong are doing their best to meet the needs of customers. We can provide sample quotation. According to the sample design, the perfect bag size, welcome everyone to come and buy.

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