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What kind of zipper teeth are better?

Jun 16, 2017

Xiaobian today to tell you what kind of zipper tooth profile is better? If this is not understood, then now follow Xiaobian to see it.

What kind of material zipper made of good quality, more durable? What kind of tooth meshing is better, not easy to escape chain? What kind of tooth profile is better?

The zipper of the resin zipper is the best, because the mold is fixed, the tooth shape does not change, so it will not escape chain.

Nylon zipper cheap, light, but also the most prone to problems, because the nylon monofilament instability, and sometimes there will be cracking situation.

Metal zipper texture is good, you can plating a variety of colors, tooth-shaped meshing depends on the quality of factory workers, mold can be adjusted.

In fact, these are not the problem, and ask you a dress to wear a few years ah? As long as your clothes are not the cheapest way to spread the goods, the quality of the zipper is still possible.

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