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Window design of the garment bags

Sep 01, 2017

Window design of the garment bag.jpg

The custom of the garment bag is generally divided into two categories -window and windowless.In fact,garment bag with a window design will give users a better experience.Because you can know directly which is the clothes you hanging in the garment bag through the window instead of looking for the clothes by opening bag one by one on the clothes hanger.Especially when you have to rush to work,go on a date,etc.Window design of a suit carrier will save most of your time.


There are many kinds of window design for suit bag.What are the general design?At first,window designed on one side is the choice of most people.But the size of the window is changeable.

A smaller transparent window

window on side 00.jpgwindow on side 01.jpg

Window of medium size

window on side 02.jpgwindow on side 03.jpg

window on side 04.jpgwindow on side 06.jpg

Large window(one whole side is transparent)

window on side 05.jpg


Besides,window designed on both side are also custom made.

window on both side.jpg


Lastly,window designed on top 

window on top 01.jpg

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