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You have to learn the knowledge of the packaging and transports of products

Aug 02, 2017

Do you think when the bulk products are ready,everything will be fine and you just wait for the shipment.But I'm telling you now,that is not the case.There are many details to note in product packaging and transportation.Don't underestimate them.Sometimes they are the keys to the perfection of your goods.

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In the transportation of PVC bags,because of the plasticity,flexibility and the ductility of PVC,the packaging bag also has to consider this factor.Generally,the packaging of plastic bag is by the way of 200pcs/export carton.This is the inevitable way of packing.But please note that if you put pressure on the bag for a long time,the front and the rear of the bag or the adjoining bags would stick together.Its OK when the bag have not printing.In fact,the bag is slightly stuck on the surface.As long as you let the bag into the air,you can restore it to its original condition.This does not cause any damage to the bags.But if the bag has silk screen,then you have to consider carefully how to use the packaging.You can ask the manufacturer to put a tissue paper in the bag and between bags.Even this will increase the cost of products packaging,at least,in this way,the loss of profit caused by improper packing can be avoid.

For the EVA bags,even the transparent bags without silk screen need to be packed with tissue paper at the time of packing.Mainly because of its ductility and softness stronger than PVC.


The above is the problem of packing of the plastic bags.So what are the problems we need to pay attention in the fabric products' packing,such as storage boxes,garment bags and so on ?


Generally,the packing way of this products is 1pc/1polybag/100pcs/export carton.The key point is 1pc/1polybag.Fabric products are afraid of damp.This way of packaging can avoid or reduce the damage of the product in the packaging transport process caused by the wet or the broken cartons.

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