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Zipper daily maintenance Note:

Jun 20, 2017

Daily life, a lot of clothes, backpacks are used zipper, but the zipper is a consumable, a little care can be damaged, not easy to use the situation. The city specializes in the maintenance of the zipper Hu Yongqiang introduced some zipper maintenance and processing methods.

Zippers rusty

You can use soap, candles in the zipper on a few wipes, and then slowly pull back and forth several times, can increase the zipper lubrication, to prevent zipper rust. If the zipper has been rusty, you can use the tip of the buckle pry open a little, and then slowly pull down the zipper, and then with the pliers to pull the buckle.

Zipper card clothes

Zipper stuck clothes, do not pull hard pull, otherwise the stuck part will be more and more tight, but also may damage the zipper. Slowly pull the cloth in the zipper pull out, while with the pull down the zipper, pull the clothes little by little.

Zipper maintenance

Use zipper, the two spine teeth after the alignment, pulling the pull slowly pulled forward, do not pull too fast too fast. With zipper backpack, wallet, etc., do not pretend too full, otherwise it is easy to collapse zipper. Do not let the zipper damp, or with acid, alkali and other substances in contact, or easy to rust or corrosion, usually keep the zipper dry.

Zipper since the birth to the present, after hundreds of years, after several generations of efforts to create now we use zipper products, zipper factory has a decade of zipper design, processing experience, is a high-quality zipper suppliers. Through the familiar history of zipper development zipper daily maintenance precautions, continue to accumulate a variety of experience for you to solve any zipper related after-sale problems, so that your zipper wholesale protection.

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