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Zipper maintenance techniques

Jun 18, 2017

1, usually use, should pay attention to whether the zipper "broken belly", "teeth", skew and other problems, these problems should be repaired in time, do not pull hard. If the zipper loose and deodorant, you can use a small hammer in the zipper on the head gently tapping a few, so that the upper and lower chain teeth bite some tight, it will no longer teeth.

2, aluminum alloy zipper is more susceptible to corrosion, it should be kept dry, do not damp, to prevent the formation of white teeth of aluminum teeth, the course of time will lead to zipper rust, affecting the use, but also pay attention not with alkaline Contact with acidic substances. Keep your ventilation in a safe place, do not store it, and keep it in a moisture-rich environment. Use a moisture-proof paper or a dehumidifier if necessary. If the zipper damp, pull up astringent, then, first pull the sun drying, and then, in the zipper teeth coated with some wax, and then roast the fire, so use it, it is very lubrication.

3, pull the zipper, the first should be on both sides of the teeth closer to align, and then pinch the zipper head gently forward the track forward, do not force to pull, so as not to cause "teeth skew", "broken belly" and " The If the zipper astringent, pull is not flexible, you can first wipe with a cloth in the "teeth" to play a layer of white wax.

4, with a variety of zippers luggage, pockets or wallet, do not pretend to be over, or easy to make zipper caused "broken belly", "teeth", skew and cloth soft and so on

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