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Handmade Exquisite Cosmetic Bag

Jun 13, 2017

Material: kapok thread (yellow, water color) each 1 group, cloth (to edge off line for the [1] good, here is the kitchen rag), buttons 1, sewing needle.

1, first with the Afghan needle knitting law line two lines of blue, hook 20 pin pigtail.

2, and then change the color, with yellow line and blue line, then weaving two lines. To push the other, the two lines for each line for a line, weaving 38 lines.

3, on the 39th line, from the ends of the second needle at the beginning of knitting, both ends of each received a needle. Line 40 is the same as line 39.

4, in the first two ends of the line by 1 pin. Likewise, lines 42-54 are decremented by one pin. Line 54 is reduced to 4 knots.

5, cut a piece of cloth and the size of the fabric just the same, and the fabric coincides with the need to wear the needle on the needle edge.

6, and then as shown, folded about. When the bag is partially locked, it is sewn.

7, in the lid on a seamhole, handbags on the button.

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