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Here For Everyone To Introduce A Specific Method To Detect The True And False Non-woven Bags

Jun 19, 2017

Method 1: water detection method

The non-green bags placed in the water, and into the bottom, non-toxic non-environmental bags with a small proportion, can surfaced, toxic non-bag than the major, sink.

Method 2: fire detection method

Non-toxic polyethylene non-environmentally friendly bags flammable, the flame was blue, the top of the yellow, burning like a candle like tears dripping, with waxy smell, smoke less; toxic PVC non-environmentally friendly bags are not flammable, from the fire that is extinguished , The flame was yellow, the bottom was green, softening can be drawn, with the irritating smell of hydrochloric acid.

Method 3: Jitter detection method

Hand to seize the end of non-environmental protection bag shaking, issued a crisp sound of non-toxic; sound stuffy people are toxic.

Method 4: sensory detection method

Non-toxic non-environmentally friendly bags are milky white, translucent, or colorless and transparent, flexible, feel lubrication, the surface seems to wax; toxic non-green bag color or yellow, feel sticky.

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