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Non-woven Bags Will Replace The Development Of Promising Plastic Bags

Jun 19, 2017

Plastic bags products have been one of China's bulk exports of goods, the EU will be anti-dumping duties on China's plastic bags, is bound to affect China's exports of plastic bags. From the previous export volume, China's annual export of about 300 million US dollars of plastic bags to the EU, if the new rates introduced by the EU, then the EU will impose a tariff of 45.6 million US dollars, which will affect our country The industry and enterprises of the production costs and survival and development.

Shangpu Consulting Light Industry analysts believe that population growth will have less impact on nonwovens than other textiles used in apparel. However, population growth is also an important factor if the important application of nonwovens in baby diapers is taken into account. The natural fiber portion will be replaced, which has a greater impact on the textile, but has little effect on the nonwovens because the production of the nonwoven fabric is substantially dependent on the man-made fibers. The development of man-made fibers in the commercial and non-woven professional applications: the international economic treaties issued, making the micro-fiber, composite fiber, biodegradable fiber and new polyester fiber trade has been developed. This has a greater impact on nonwovens, but the impact of clothing and knitted textiles is not. Replacement of textiles and other supplies: This includes the use of non-woven textiles, knitted textiles, plastic film, polyurea foam, wood pulp, leather and other replacements. This is determined by the cost and performance requirements of the product. The introduction of new and more economical and more efficient production process: the introduction of a variety of articles made of polymer, competitive new nonwovens and the introduction of special fiber and nonwoven textile additives.

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