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Brand Product Recommendation - Packaging Bag Supplied For A-Z

Oct 05, 2017

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Today the brand product I want to recommend to you is in item no. AL-PB-16076.This is an packaging bag,made of 0.15mm EVA,black,white,foggy or clear.This bag is supplied for A-Z which is a global brand sportswear shop,a collaboration between Swedish football genius Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Petter Varner, head of the Norwegian clothing giant Varner.


Brand Logo Printed Eco Friendly EVA Plastic Bag.jpg


This bag is designed to be simple.But the material of the bag is high quality and eco-friendly.Besides,the golden logo printing is perfect combination with the bag,embodying the quality of the product in it.This bag is designed in three size,suit for Autumn coat,T-shirt,vest,underpants and wrist sheath.


The zip lock on top is good sealing and easy to slide.You can also customize it with plastic ring.That will be convenient to show your product on the product shelf.


There are two air vent on the back sheet for exhausting the air so that you can storage clothes easily.


If you would like to learn more about this product,please click here - Brand Logo Printed Eco Friendly EVA Plastic Bag.


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