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Canvas Bag Cleaning Method

Nov 08, 2018

Canvas bag cleaning method

Canvas bag is a kind of bag that many girls have a special liking. It won't lose the gentleness of girls, and it won't be graded because it is a canvas bag. So how to clean the canvas bag? How to clean it is not so hard? Xiaobian share a few tips for everyone:

If there is no special stain on the canvas bag, it is recommended to put the whole bag directly in the water and brush it gently with a brush. However, there are areas where there are obvious stains that require partial cleaning. If it is white, it will be like washing clothes. If the bag is stained with oil, it can be cleaned with detergent. To thoroughly clean it, brush it with a soft brush and rinse thoroughly. In addition, if you are afraid of the fading of the canvas bag, you can add some salt or white vinegar in the water, then damp the bag for about 30 minutes, then wash it off. The method can effectively prevent fading. This method is also derived from the experience of washing clothes. The cleaning of canvas bags is actually a truth.

Many canvas bags are beige in color and have a lot of colored patterns on them. If you don't pay attention to such canvas bags, it will easily cause color to fade. Therefore, canvas bag manufacturers recommend cleaning with such a mild detergent, such as shampoo, or with fabric softeners such as detergent and gold spinning. Of course, the final drying is a very important step. If you are afraid of cross-coloring, wrap the cleaned canvas bag with a lot of toilet paper, and we clean the white shoes and wrap it up with paper. The paper towel should be close to the surface of the bag to prevent cross-coloring and to prevent the surface of the canvas from yellowing. Special attention is given to dry or air-dried, not to let the sun shine directly, and when drying, it is best to turn the bag liner out to dry, just like drying clothes. This also prevents the surface of the bag from being damaged during drying.

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