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New Product Launch - Linen Cloth Folding Storage Boxes

Sep 25, 2017

new product launch-Linen cloth folding storage boxes.jpg

The nice weekend has passed,whether you are still immersed in the beautiful leisure time.Please focus your attention to see today’s new product.

Linen cloth folding storage boxes

This folding storage boxes is made of linen cloth.Its dimension is 25×25×25 cm and 45×30×30 cm.This collapsible storage bins are a perfect way to accessorize, organize, and store items at home, office, home office, loft or other dwellings. We offer storage solutions that complement lifestyles.It is designed in many colors,soft gray and natural brown accents for a neutral color scheme.

Linen cloth storage bin  Linen cloth storage box

With grommet designed on front,make the box easier to move out of the shelf.The lids fixed with magic sticker,convenient for you to put item out and into.

Linen cloth folding storage boxes with grommet  Linen cloth folding storage boxes with Velcro

If you want to learn more about this product,please contact us directly or click here - Linen cloth folding storage boxes.

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