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New Product Launch - Woven Folding Fabric Storage Box

Sep 06, 2017

new product launch - woven folding fabric storage box.jpg

Because of the folding of non woven fabric boxes,affordable and beautiful appearance,most people are welcome to use the storage box to organize the home.

woven folding fabric storage box.jpg

Today released a new product is different from the previous design of a non-woven storage box.This woven folding storage boxes are made of 75 PP non woven fabric,inside with 1.6 mm cardboard.The biggest difference between this box and the other box is the fold back panel design.With the fold back panel,it is easy for slipping in and out of open-front storage compartments and shelves to provide hidden, organized storage for a variety of items.It has the characteristics of folding,easy to carry the box and storage.This storage has two size.L:30×W:30×H:30 cm and L: 30×W:30×H:15 cm,respectively.You can use the function of the custom storage box to determine the size you want.In addition, this storage box also has a variety of colors for you to choose.

woven folding box.jpg woven fabric box.jpgfolding fabric box.jpg fabric box.jpg

If you want to learn more about this product,please feel free to contact us.Our email address is fion@bregent.cn,doreen@bregent.cn.Or you can click here - Woven folding fabric storage box.

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