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Product Recommendation-Collapsible Polyester Felt Assortments Storage Bin Factory

Sep 13, 2017

Product recommendation-Collapsible polyester felt assortments storage bin factory.jpg

Storage box has always been a good home helper.A simple and generous storage box can provide a comfortable home environment and make your life be full of luster.

Collapsible Polyester Felt Assortments Storage Bin Factory 1.jpg

Today I would like to recommend you a storage box products.It has a simple design,but always let you can not help liking it.

The dimension of the box is 30×30×30 cm,perfect for storing clothes,toys,books,sundries and etc.The storage box’s inside and outside material are different.Outside is made of 160g felt fabric,high quality and comfortable.The unique material makes it separate from the ordinary non-woven storage box.Inside is made of 75g PP non woven fabric.2 olive metal grommet on design on both side,sturdy and durable,portable for carrying.This woven box is collapsible,so it won’t take space when it no use.

Collapsible Polyester Felt Assortments Storage Bin Factory 3.jpg   Collapsible Polyester Felt Assortments Storage Bin Factory 4.jpg


If you want to learn more about this product,please contact us directly.Our email address is fion@bregent.cn,doreen@bregent.cn.You also can click here - http://www.oya-home.com/boxes/storage-bin/collapsible-polyester-felt-assortments.html.

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