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Product Recommendation-Fabric Garment Bag Clothes Carrier

Oct 25, 2017

Product recommendation - item no AL-GC-IO35.jpg

Hello,everybody.See you again.Are you expect for what the product is that we introduce to you today.Ha ha,it is winter coming in northern hemisphere and the southern  hemisphere is also in spring.It is all a season to wear a coat.Different from clothes wearing inside need to be changed every day,it is normal to take your coat four or five times before washing it.For simple and convenient,we will hang those on the clothes rack directly.But to give people a different feeling every day,a lot of people won’t wear a coat from the beginning to the end of the week,instead of two or three more.At this time,it is necessary to have garment bag to store them to prevent dust.Smart as you,you should know what kind of product will I recommend today.Nonsense is not much to say.

fabric garment bag clothes carrier.jpg

Item no. in AL-GC-I035,is a garment bag made of 75gsm PP non woven fabric,soft and breathable.Since we are OEM manufacturer,you can change the material according to your need.With clear PVC on both top half,you can immediately see what is stored inside.Measure in two size,the middle size is 60 cm x 90 cm and the larger size is 60 cm x 118 cm.it's perfect for all your storage and travel needs. Ideal size for suits, shirts, trousers, tops, sport coats etc.Besides,it is lightweight and foldable.You can fold it into flat for space saving.

If you want to learn more about this product or have any others OEM ideas about it,you can contact us directly.Our email address is fion@bregent.cn.Or you can click here - Fabric garment bag clothes carrier.

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