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What Are The Common Materials For Plastic Bags

Nov 30, 2018

What are the common materials for plastic bags?

First, the plastic packaging bag Polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC) resin, often used as composite data or monomer data and co-extruded film, is the most widely used high-isolation packaging materials. The amount of PVDC coated film used is particularly high. The PVDC coated film is made of polypropylene (OPP), polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or the like as a substrate. Because the pure PVDC softening temperature is high, and it is close to its differentiation temperature, and it is inferior to the usual plasticizer, the heat forming is difficult and difficult to use directly. The practical PVDC film is mostly a copolymer of vinylidene chloride (VDC) and vinyl chloride (VC), and a good insulating film made by copolymerization with methyl acrylate (MA).

Second, the plastic packaging bag - is the most widely used high isolation data. In addition to the non-stretch type, the film type of this material includes a biaxial stretching type, an aluminum vapor deposition type, a binder coating type, and the like. Also included in the biaxially stretched type are heat-resistant articles for aseptic packaging. The film obtained by co-extruding EVOH resin with other resins such as polyolefin and nylon is mainly used for packaging of animal products.

Third, nylon packaging materials used to "straight nylon". However, the airtightness of "nylon 6" is not ambition. There is a nylon (MXD6) which is polycondensed from m-dimethylamine and adipic acid, which is 10 times more airtight than "Nylon 6", together with outstanding transparency and puncture resistance. It is primarily used in highly insulating packaging films for food packaging that requires high levels of insulation. Its food hygiene has also been approved by the FDA. Its biggest feature as a film is that the insulation does not decrease with increasing humidity. In Europe, because of the outstanding environmental protection problems, as a substitute for PVDC film, the use of MXD6 nylon is very large.

IV. Inorganic Oxide Plated Film PVDC, which is widely used as a highly insulating packaging material, has a tendency to be contaminated by environmental problems due to the occurrence of HCl in the incineration of the waste, and there is a tendency to be replaced by other packaging materials. For example, a so-called plated film obtained by plating SiOX (silicon oxide) on a film of another substrate has been paid attention to, in addition to a silicon oxide film, an alumina deposited film. Its airtight performance is the same as that of the silicon oxide coating obtained by the same method.

With the rapid development of contemporary science and technology and social economy, people's consumption level and consumer demand have been continuously improved, and packaging design has become an indispensable factor in daily life. At the same time, consumer awareness of product packaging has gradually changed, increasingly pursuing the aesthetic and interesting taste of the product, requiring not only material enjoyment, but also visual and psychological pleasure and satisfaction. “Packaging is often more important than the products that are contained in it.” This sentence contains the consumer’s reflection on the package. At the same time, demand is a factor that creates value-added products and maximizes corporate profits. Packaging has also been sought after by many companies and packaging designers. Therefore, packaging has become an important role in today's commercial trade circulation.

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